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Cabled Mitts

Update nov 2014: Knitted a new left glove, as I had lost one… So much easier the second time around.
Wanted to try cable knitting, and had some leftover wool, so mittens it is…
Lots of mods: Didn’t like the look of the purl – so knitted the insides of the hands (did two purl after the cable pattern, then knit, and purl 2 before the pattern.)
Changed them from fingerless by continuing the pattern, and doing a rounded mitt. Beginning at last cable turning in from the sides.
K1, k2tog, knit (until 3 left) ssk, k1 turn & repeat until 16 left – grafted those.

Thumb: While still doing a single purl row per round.
Picked up 6, and closed them off in the next rounds:
1) k2tog k4 k2tog
2) k2tog k2 k2tog
3) k2tog
4) k2tog
Finally just k2tog all around and close off.

Source: Ravelry

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