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Kindle cover

Very simple Kindle cover.
I like to travel light, så my Kindle often just gets slid into a laptop bag, where it’s safe and sound – but then I started reading on public transportation, and I try not to bring my laptop everywhere. So I designed a slim cover, that will still slide into my laptop bag – but also protect the Kindle keyboard, when travelling solo in a handbag.
It’s simply 3 pieces of slightly foam-padded material; rectangular with rounded corners, one slightly shorter. Draw a paper pattern around you Kindle and add a centimeter or two for movement and seams. Between the two larger pieces I added a piece of plastic (IKEA poly-whatever cupboard recycled again) same size as the Kindle – And I turn the screen towards that side, when inserting it in the pouch.

For decoration I made a bias strip border out of spotted red/white fabric, and gave the finished cover a shiny red embroidery stitching around the edge.


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