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Patent Mittens – Brioche

Mitten pattern
Cast on 32
10 rows of rib
1 knit row
1 brioche/patent setup row
10 rows of brioche/patent

Thumb take-out:
Double take-out for thumb in two adjacent rows (triple stitch in a “knit”).
Two take-outs in the middle of the two earlier branching splits from purl side, 8 rows later…
4 rows later – leave thumb stitches and knit two knit rows together add 1 new stitch in between for purl row.

…about 8 rows later: cross two knit rows for a cable cross-over.
10 rows after thumb: two decreases (pinky finger cable knitted into the next one on both sides)

Decreases for rounded mitten ends – and grafted the rest. How to graft brioche – see here:

Source: Ravelry

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