I read a lot of books. About 127 a year. You can see all my reviews on Goodreads – and my ten latest reads at the buttom of this page.

Reading the World

I decided to broaden my reading horizons, I plotted on a map, Africa was all unread lands, one thing led to another, and well… Here is my world reading so far:

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Wife of the Gods
it was ok
Crime Fiction in Ghana – from the Modern city of Accra to the bush town of his mother’s family, Darko is hunting the murderer of AIDS-activist and doctor-to-be Grace. It is an interesting setup and has the local spice of our detective an…
Svaner bliver ikke skilt
really liked it
En sær historie ligesom hendes andre. Ikke helt så fængende som de andre to jeg har læst (Ar & Stiklingen) måske fordi jeg savner mere plot og det drive en tur gennem Europa giver. Her er heltinden efterladt alene i hjemmet med små tvill…
liked it
Grønland er flot. Og fucked up. Og hvad så. Tja det er der i hvert fald ingen svar på. Det savner jeg nok.
The Blind Kingdom
it was ok
This is a tough book to get into – composed of prose pieces that are related but often not connected. There is an allegory in the Kingdom of the Blind – the blind obviously being privileged over the slum-dwellers (in a style that reminds…
Hver morgen kryber jeg op fra havet
really liked it
Charmerende skæv og rigtig. Og jeg har det fx. hver morgen som første side: Om morgenen – tidligt, stadig i mørke – vågner jeg og er en amøbe. Forsvinder i søvnen igen til vækkeuret ringer. Jeg går gennem alle udviklingens stadier, hver…
Men of the South
really liked it
I wanted to take a peek at the beginning of this, and ended up just reading it all… An interesting story of three men and the woman in their lives – of being a real man in today’s South Africa and how options are limited by society, fe…
it was amazing
I am really enjoying the equal humor and depth of Olafdóttirs novels. This is my second (I really enjoyed the Nordic Council Prize winner: Ar (scars?) as well) and there are similarities: we kick off with a person in crisis, going on the…
The Thing Around Your Neck
it was amazing
An amazing collection of stories – and they are just that: Proper stories, not those odd unsatisfying half-stories that are sometimes the hallmark of short story collections. All of these could be expanded into novels, but function well …
Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories
really liked it
Stories of women, their lives and deaths – punctuated by the calls to prayer by the muezzin. Sharing the lives of a variety of muslim women, with a traditional mindset. Many of these the stories of older to elderly women – so not much of…