Media Evolution – The Conference!

Malmö in southern Sweden has for the last two days hosted MediaEvolution’s “The Conference” with an amazing line-up of international speakers and doing a good job of ordering the many different topics into 3 headlines: Who’s Next? Man & Machine and Creation – each kicked off by one of the magnificent Keynotes…Fortsæt læsningMedia Evolution – The Conference!

Mythbusting the “Digital Natives”

Every time I hear the term Digital Natives, I release the safety-catch of my virtual mythbuster kit!
Finally there is research to prove that the “digital natives” compelling as it sounds, is just a catchy metaphor – but in reality a myth! (Who you gonna call?)Fortsæt læsningMythbusting the “Digital Natives”

Email, before and after…

PS: More cool stuff from the guy who made it poofytoo.tumblr.comFortsæt læsningEmail, before and after…

In an internet minute…

New York has nothing on the Internet, when it comes to squeezing stuff into a minute! “> Infographic by- Shanghai Web DesignersFortsæt læsningIn an internet minute…

How Inbox Zero changed my life

GTD is simple, yet often complicated to explain to newcomers and hard to practice. I usually find, that when explaining GTD to people – I always start with Inbox Zero – since Inbox Zero was the real eyeopener that changed my (work) life and really opened my eyes to all the benefits of Getting Things Done. But why is Inbox Zero such a good way into GTD? Well read on…Fortsæt læsningHow Inbox Zero changed my life

I know where you’re going next spring!

If you’re into tech and how we humanoids interact with it and how we interact with other humanoids through the interwebs, then there is only one place to be, when March 9th 2012 rolls around…Fortsæt læsningI know where you’re going next spring!

Trends from SXSW Interactive 2011

SXSWi 2011 trends: Technology has zoomed in on humans and their strange behaviour, and games can motivate them to change it. The web has stopped being a separate world, doing good is now a serious business strategy, and the future is not coming – it’s here! Fortsæt læsningTrends from SXSW Interactive 2011