#EDCMOOC w1 – the education

The first week’s perspectives on education are showing their age – not just in design *hello screaming yellow web 1.0 background colour* but also in their views of the internet as being one thing, and that thing being either good or bad – it’s all white hats Vs black hats in the wild west: Cerraulo…Fortsæt læsning#EDCMOOC w1 – the education

#EDCMOOC week one

Must technology either be a depicted as dystopia or utopia? Didn’t we get past that since the great dystopia of 1984 (back in 1948!) – well that was my thought at the beginning of the week, peeking at the curriculum for the Edinburgh U coursera course E-learning and Digital Cultures, aka #EDCMOOC And I still…Fortsæt læsning#EDCMOOC week one


Netymology: From Apps to Zombies – A Linguistic Celebration of the Digital World by Tom Chatfield My rating: 5 of 5 stars For those of us who love languages almost as much as we love the internet, this is a lovely stroll through the lingo of the internet and the origins of the words we…Fortsæt læsningNetymology

Twitter as Dr. Seuss would have explained it

Cute and totally right too! A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter from HootSuiteFortsæt læsningTwitter as Dr. Seuss would have explained it

DNA explained in plain English

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.Fortsæt læsningDNA explained in plain English

NYT Cloud Portrait

New York Times made my portrait in a word cloud (courtesy of the SXSW Trade Show)Fortsæt læsningNYT Cloud Portrait

The James Webb Space Telescope

Nasa is showing off a 1:1 scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope in Austin during #SXSW – that’s the Sequel to the Hubble Telescope. I was kinda expecting it to be bigger, given that it is the bigger, better, new and improved version of the Hubble Telescope, so my first comment was “Oh! I…Fortsæt læsningThe James Webb Space Telescope

To succeed: Change your tiny habits, not who you are!

BJ Fogg is the founder of the Stanford Behavioral Lab (seen here with The real stars of the show: Monkey & Frog) He’s researching how people make new habits – and his message is fairly simple: Make tiny changes to form new habits. The big life-altering “change-who-you-are-in-two-weeks”-solutions mostly fail anyway. So pick a tiny habit, do…Fortsæt læsningTo succeed: Change your tiny habits, not who you are!

Use me, leave me! #usemeleaveme

I came out of the Austin Conference Centre on saturday, and there was a couple of guys trying to get people to ride their bikes. As I had been missing a bike like crazy (Austin buses are not on schedule this week, and I’m a Copenhagen, so I’m a biker;) Turned out it was The…Fortsæt læsningUse me, leave me! #usemeleaveme

Saturday @ SXSWi

Fortsæt læsningSaturday @ SXSWi