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To succeed: Change your tiny habits, not who you are!


BJ Fogg is the founder of the Stanford Behavioral Lab (seen here with The real stars of the show: Monkey & Frog) He’s researching how people make new habits – and his message is fairly simple: Make tiny changes to form new habits. The big life-altering “change-who-you-are-in-two-weeks”-solutions mostly fail anyway. So pick a tiny habit, do it often – and then pick a new one. Connect it to a trigger, and change your environment to help you:

Frog decides to “drink 8 glasses of water a day”
Monkey decides to bring a glass of water to his desk every morning, when he comes into work.

-> Who of the two will drink more water in the long run, you think?
If you want to change, try his free online program Tiny Habits.


BJ Fogg brought 3 of his former students on stage to ask questions and comment – and just shaking things up. They didn’t figure out what to do with their foam smiley faces and flowers, but their questions were good…

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