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Clean up your digital past

Keeping up with your new years resolution to get your digital life in shape? Did you clean up your app permissions already?
Well it’s time for step 2: Cleaning up your digital past.

Still have that MySpace account moulding away in the back of you digital closet? Not sure if you ever left that photo-sharing site you used before you found your current favorite? Are you 100% sure you remember all the sites you ever signed up for?

First step is to locate your digital footprint: I suggest using a namecheck service to find your accounts, I like namechk.com, but there are more of them out there. If you use the same username across the internet, or a couple of them, it’s easy to look them up. Then log in to anything you’re not currently using – and decide whether you want to keep it or shut it down.
You may have to use the “I Forgot My Password” option in a few places, but would you rather have your old moulding stuff turn up when you next employer is googling you?
I’ve done this before – but even so I found:
  • 3 unused blogs at WordPress.com (used to need one to get an API key for Akismet)
  • Sites that needed cleaning up at Flavors.me and StumbleUpon
  • Accounts I didn’t even know I had at Discus, identi.ca and Tumblr (I deleted the first two)
When you’re done cleaning up your past, next step is to present your digital present!

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