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Present your digital present -in one place

Keeping up with your new years resolution to get your digital life in shape? Did you clean up your app permissions and your digital past?
Well it’s time for step 3: Present your digital present – in one place.
Why leave your digital identity to strangers? Take control, claim your digital content and give people an single entry to everything YOU (or at least everything you’d like them to see).
You can pick a service to help you do this, the best known are Flavors.me and About.me, if you’re wondering which is better? Well read up on that question on Quora!) Like all online services there are Pros and Cons: It’s easy to get it up and running, add the most common services and get a nice personal site in no time. But once you want to modify you usually run into the limitations: You have to upgrade to pro, or you aren’t allowed to tweek it just like that…
If you want total control, and are willing to put the effort into it, you could build your own.
You can make a new site or turn an existing personal page into your home on the internet – if it’s a WordPress site, it’s easy to incorporate other services using plugins – have your twitter feed, your flickr photos, a link to you LinkedIn profile, your Blip/Spotify/LastFM plays and whatever else you want to show off. If modifying the sidebar to hold all your information seems too much work, or messes up your perfectly organized blog – you can simply list links to your profiles on a page.
Or if you feel like fiddling with a bit of code you could build your own site. Now I’m no programmer, and I’m not claiming my own is perfect – but I had fun learning a bit of jQuery while making this one: anetq.dk (pick different headlines on the menu to watch the shuffle).
Go ahead: Collect your digital life in one spot – and look forward to only having to give people one URL in the future!

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